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The authorities issue approximately 4500 laws annually. We make sure that you don’t miss any law that could impact your business activities.

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You have many topics to keep track of, a small team, and limited time. Take back your time and reduce stress by digitizing legislative monitoring!

Customized solutions

We help you make sense of Romania’s eternally unpredictable legislative process. You will only receive news related to the domains that interest you.

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You already have your custom-made systems, but you want to improve them? Don’t worry, the Issue Monitoring app is interoperable and customizable. 


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Live legislative monitoring

Set & forget: you just need to set the domains you want to monitor, and then you can forget about the stress of missing any relevant information for you.

Context, not just normative acts

You’ll receive summaries of public debates and statements from the press. As a bonus, you’ll get synthesis reports in both English and Romanian, making it easier for you to share them further.

Follow the whole legislative route

Issue Monitoring is like a GPS for legislative acts: it “guides” you through the journey from the initial form of the law, debates in committees, possible constitutional checks, or requests for reexamination. You will always know at any moment in which stage the law of your interest is, so you can plan your business strategy in advance.

Codes for each law

If it’s at the Chamber of Deputies, it’s a PL-x (Draft Law – x). If the bill is at the Senate, it’s prefixed with ‘L’ or ‘B’. We work in an organized manner, that is, we keep the original codifications for each draft law to avoid any confusion.

The latest legislative alerts

Civil society Digital
May 23, 2024 15:52

Government Decision on the approval of the National Youth Strategy 2024-2027

Civil society
May 23, 2024 15:43

Government Decision regarding the approval of the National Strategy for preventing and combating anti-Semitism, xenophobia, radicalization and hate speech 2024-2027 and for the establishment and operation of the Interministerial Committee for monitoring the implementation of the National Strategy for preventing and combating anti-Semitism, xenophobia, radicalization and of hate speech 2024-2027

Civil society
May 23, 2024 15:35
Proiect de Lege

Draft Bill for the amendment and completion of the Government Emergency Ordinance no. 80/2013 regarding judicial stamp fees and Government Emergency Ordinance no. 51/2008 regarding public judicial aid in civil matters

Civil society
May 23, 2024 12:22
Ordin MCID nr. 20703/2024

MCID Order no. 20703/2024 for the modification of MCId Order no. 21665/2022 on the establishment, organization and operation of the Honorary Council for Science, Innovation and Technology

Civil society Energy
May 21, 2024 13:37
Pl-x 767/2023

Legislative proposal for the amendment and completion of Government Ordinance no. 26/2000 regarding associations and foundations

Civil society
May 20, 2024 09:32
Ordin MMSS/MEdu 632/4092/2024

MLSS/ MEdu order no. 632/4092/2024 regarding the completion of the List of specializations and improvements for which providers of vocational training for adults have the right to organize vocational training programs completed with graduation certificates with national recognition for graduates of university studies, provided for in the annex to the Order of the Minister of Labor and Social Justice and of the Minister of national education no. 1,151/4,115/2018

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