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Less FOMO-related stress.

More time to focus on strategy.


Stay informed and at the same time free yourself from the burden of finding the latest information.


We don’t just let anything get in your inbox: we curate your information so you can stay focused on what really matters.

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Save an hour / day. Use your new found time to focus on new business.

You have all the legislative changes in one place

Parliament, Government, Ministries, European institutions – laws can be initiated by many actors, but we aggregate them and distribute them in an orderly, disciplined manner to you.

Context, not just normative acts

No boring reports: Autopilot captures the positions of the relevant stakeholders, as they appear in the interpellations, statements or debates of the day.

Financing opportunities for the business environment

You will be among the first to find out about new development opportunities for your business.

Reports & digests

Health, tax policies, energy and other fundamental areas – a grand total of 20. Select the ones that matter to you and get our detailed report in your inbox every week.

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Access to legislative news and stakeholder statements which impact the entire business environment

Financing opportunities available for the business environment

Weekly report on the current week’s legislative developments

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Legislative news structured in 12 areas from which you can choose what interests you the most

Monthly analysis report on legislative developments for the coming period

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