Our team`s unique DNA
Public Policy & Legislative Technique

We have a 100% client retention rate thanks to our strong team of passionate public policy experts. We founded Issue Monitoring in 2015 with the mission of using technology to transform the way in which companies take part in the decision-making process.

Modern principles such as self-governance, shared & open knowledge and social inclusion can be found in our team’s DNA. We operate with a lot of autonomy, and all the internal data is public and readily available to everyone on the team, for us to make better decisions, together. From the very beginning, we aimed to have a social impact, which is why we hired the first person with disabilities within our company two years ago. Currently, we have three colleagues with disabilities who enjoy a safe, comfortable, fair, and, of course, inclusive space. 

Recently, we obtained the Protected Unit authorization as a recognition of the fact that we provide a working environment where people with disabilities feel seen, appreciated, and encouraged to reach their full potential. Furthermore, by obtaining the Protected Unit status, Issue Monitoring provides customers and partners with the opportunity to engage in sustainable procurement contracts with social impact. 

We invest a lot in our team: for the past three years we have distributed 10% of the profit to our employees and we also give out an annual bonus. 

We make important decisions in the team, including those related to new hires or evaluations and we have a special budget allocated to innovation and professional training. 

Octavian Rusu

CEO & Founder Issue Monitoring

Octavian Rusu is the CEO and founder of Issue Monitoring. With over 10 years of experience in coordinating advocacy and public affairs campaigns for the business and non-profit sectors, Octavian has a strong understanding of legislative procedures at the parliamentary and governmental levels.